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Breaking game bai doi thuong lines of betting exchanges in excess of 7 billion, capturing 16 subjects

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The police of Nam Dinh region has effectively wrecked a betting line by means of the Internet “stowing away” the round of trade and award with an all out exchange measure of over VND 7 billion, capturing 16 subjects.

On February 9, news from the Nam Dinh Provincial Police said card game that the power of the Criminal Police Department, the commonplace Police Department effectively broke the 120G Special Project, capturing 16 subjects partaking in the line. bet over the Internet structure game bai doi thuong with a complete exchange measure of a few billion dong.

As per Nam Dinh Provincial Police, through the observation, the Criminal Police Department found at a house at 445 Tran Hung Dao Street (Ba Trieu Ward, Nam Dinh City), a specialist of between bank cash move and receipt administration business showed up. merchandise and exchanges of purchasing and selling virtual cash for members bet on the game bai doi thuong.

Discovering this was a web based betting line, the Nam Dinh police scouts checked and gathered archives and proof to unravel the case. The police distinguished Tran Trong Hieu (SN 1993, number 23 Ba Trieu, Ba Trieu Ward) as the main subject.

In the wake of getting the organic product, Dong Ngoc Hao (SN 1995, living in Nam Phong Commune, Nam Dinh City) was utilizing a PC to bet on a round of trade to change the names of “Blast”, “Gam”, “B24”. ..the police captured Nguyen Duc Huy, Do Ngoc Anh and Vu Dinh Duy (co-dwelling in Nam Dinh City) as specialists of exchanging and selling virtual monetary standards straightforwardly to Dong Ngoc Hao for betting; Phan Minh Duc (SN 1989, living in Vi Xuyen Ward, Nam Dinh City) is the member of the line and Tran Trong Hieu is the pioneer.

Growing examination to extend examination, CSDT Nam Dinh Province Police confined another 10 suspects.

During the examination procedure, the Nam Dinh Police Department verified that from November 19 to the hour of capture, the 16 subjects above were captured “Hitting” and “Betting” with the exchange sum in excess of 7 billion.

As of now, Nam Dinh Police Department has arraigned the case, indicting suspects of 16 subjects on charges of “Betting” and “Sorting out betting” to additionally examine and explain.