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OCEAN KING 3 FROM 3KING online slot gambling

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OCEAN KING 3 from 3king online slot

Ocean King 3 : Monster Awaken is a slot game by 3king online slot gambling brand new Fish Hunting Game from IGS! Ocean King 3 Monster Awaken can be configured for 4, 6, 8, and 10 players. It features new monsters including the Emperor Crab, the Darkness Monster, the Ancient Crocodile, the Fire Dragon Turtle, and the Flaming Dragon.


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Monster Awaken Flyer

Emperor Crab

When a player catches the Emperor Crab, all of the fish on the screen will be attacked by multiple Emperor Crabs circling the screen

Darkness Monster

When a player catches a Darkness Monster, it will attack all of the fish from the center of the screen. There will be several attacks from the Darkness Monster

Ancient Crocodile

When the Ancient Crocodile is caught, a Giant Crocodile will swim across the screen swallowing up a load of fish for prizes.

Almighty Octopus

Catching the Almighty Octopus makes its giant tentacles reach across the screen, catching every fish in its grasp.

Fire Dragon

Catching a Fire Dragon will trigger a chain of massive explosions that will net every fish on the screen.

Flaming Dragon

When a player catches the Flaming Dragon, several waves of quadruple Dragon attacks will help the player catch as many fish as possible.

OCEAN King 3 : Monster Awaken is an angling game that permits up to eight players to chase for fish. Players can participate in the Ocean King 3 : Monster Awaken fun fishing game whenever there is an open player board. The player controls incorporate a joystick to point their weapons at the different fish on the screen. The “Pick Weapon” button enables the player to pick what sort of weapon to use to get the fish. The higher the point worth will build the weapons quality enabling the player to get more fish. There are four distinct kinds of Crabs that will either build the quantity of fish got or will give the player extra focuses. There are a lot of extra adjusts and includes that keep everybody chasing fishing game.

We can give Ocean King 3 : Monster Awaken in three unique manners. We can sell as a game just with the I/O board, as a game with a total 8 player tackle or as a total game in an eight player bureau that accompanies a 55 inch LG screen. Our tackle accompanies the best quality joystick you can discover available.

Beast Awaken is the most recent in the Ocean King 3 arrangement online slot gambling

Sea King 3 : Monster Awaken can be a 4, 6, 8, or 10 player game

Getting a Super Bomb Crab will trigger an anchored bomb assault with an opportunity to get more fish in the wide blast fishing game

A Laser Crab will give a player one shot to find everything in its wide way

Getting a Drill Crab will grant a drill shot that skips around to get more fish

A Roulette Crab will trigger a Roulette reward game

Getting a Lightning Fish will trigger the Lightning Chain

Getting a Vortex Fish will suck all fish of similar species in the region into a whirlpool

Quick Bomb, Fire Storm, and Golden Treasure highlights fishing game from our download apps

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